Content Management for the AEC Industry


Innovative filtering technology

AVAIL’s patent-pending "Panoply" technology lets you filter through thousands of files with a few clicks. Each Channel of your content in AVAIL drives its own Filters Panel letting you get to the content you need, mirroring the way you think.

Organize any file type


You can add any filetype to a Channel in AVAIL. A...N...Y… AVAIL works with every digital file you have stored on your network. If Windows isn’t able to provide a thumbnail AVAIL lets you provide your own. Just drop a .jpg or .png in the same folder with the same name as your thumbnail-less file and AVAIL will use it instead!

Manage who sees what


AVAIL puts administrative control in your hands. Some people get to publish and edit tags, others get to take advantage of all that work and consume the content shared with them. As administrator, you control those roles.

Tired of fighting Windows File Folders? AVAIL indexes the content on your network and lets you consume it in compelling new ways.

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